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Vivere in un ambiente è bello quando l’anima è altrove,
in città quando si sogna la campagna...
dappertutto quando si sogna il mare
( Pavese )

That you can call your home away from home

In love with Elba


In love with Elba but with a passion to travel with family or friends ... far and near.

With the passing of the years we realized that our idea of the journey and of being travelers had changed and until a few years ago the choice of "where" to stop was one of many shades.

Now, on the contrary, this "detail" becomes almost essential. In the evening, feel at home where you can indulge in a luxury bed to break the breathless pace of the year and finally treat yourself to the freedom of measured time. Like a nest away from home which delivers emotions to oneself and welcomes and gives you, even for a short time, the things you love to do, reasons to collect new ideas or time to sew together old dreams.

A more modern vision of a trip and the desire to share our love for the island have given life to an old dream.

Porto Sole, although it has no elevator access, is more than just a B&B in Elba and aims to be a really luxurious and comfortable house.

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The House

The House

Porto Sole, the luxury
of a warm family welcome

The House

The House

Porto Sole is on the second floor of an epoque listed biulding in Via delle Galeazze number 30 in a quiet area of the historical centre of Portoferraio it,s exactly the spot in front of the mirror of water that in the 500 was choosen by the Florentine family Medici for their commercial trade loosing it,s mondanity and rebecoming our sea. To the house and to it’s position, which we believe to be a breathof beauty between air and sea, we intended to add the pleasure of a unique, out of the ordinary hospitality.

The result consists of bright, comfortable rooms with a view overlooking a panorama that enchants both the eyes and the soul, and common places where to enjoy an atmosphere of total privacy but in the “luxury” of a warm family welcome.

Whether it may be a holiday stay whether it may be for work Porto Sole on the Island of Elba can become your welcoming point in all seasons of the year, a home far away from home a cosy alternative for all independant and non conformist travellers like us.
It will therefore be impossible not to surrender to the idea that "… you go to other places but you….always… come back to Elba..

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Instructions for Use

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"... to understand Elba leave the mainland possibly not bring the car ..."

Instructions for Use

The island of Elba is not an Island connected to mondanity and all one really need if one wishes to put some sea between oneself and the world is a light suitcase with indispensable items. Once you reach Piombino just hop on the first ferry and in one hour at the most you’ll be in Portoferraio.

We will take care of the rest, if you wish so. We can pick you up from the harbour and take you home. Our house is in a strategic position, extremely central but tucked away from the movida, the area is very tranquil but at the same time you have access to a variety of shops and cafes and a whole lot more.

If your travelling schedule also includes descovering the Island "beyond it’s salmastro" rent a scooter, a bike or a small car …i twill be an effortless adventure.

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Beyond it’s Salmastro

Let go and discover
an island that can change our perspectives

Beyond it’s Salmastro

Apart from your personal ideas and plans that you have in mind for your holiday there is an Elba, which purports to be a small continent and deserves to be seen.

It is an island of small hillside villages like Poggio, Rio Elba, Sant'Ilario and Capoliveri that tell the story of a good portion of us offering simple and exciting artistic paths and at the same time there is Portoferraio, a sixteenth century civil and military masterpiece founded thanks to the Medici family from Florence. It is an island of unexpected microclimates with a parched and colorful vegetation in the south and a fresh and green chestnut wood in the northwest. It is Monte Capanne with its height of 1019 meters and its small cable car. It is an island with many walking paths. It is the sweetness of the natural harbors that give way to marvelous sandy or colored pebbled beaches. It is the countryside that knows of salty sea and thousands of wild herbs.

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