Elba is the largest of the islands in the Tuscan Archipelago and of the National Park that takes its name from it.

Those who visit it in summer appreciate its overwhelmingly brackish soul, the hundreds of beaches more or less organized, long days spent on boats, its unpredictable seabeds and the sweet natural landing places so useful for those who browse the sea.

Those who live here all the year round, like us, also love the "other island", the less known and more genuinely terrestrial one, the small countryside scattered here and there with family gardens, vineyards, olive trees and the scented hills of the Mediterranean scrub in the south or the lunar landscapes of the old mines in the east with Monte Capanne on the opposite side with its 1019 meters of altitude and a small cable car slowly climbing to the top through the coolness of the chestnut groves.

And then paths, hundreds of small paths of Mediterranean happiness that cross the island far and wide among the scents of the Mediterranean scrub and infinite panoramas.

Come and visit us! Elba is a journey with hundreds of journeys inside it and at any time of the year, with its disruptive beauty, it's a natural set of authentic wonder.

Photos by Daniele Fiaschi


Whether you are on foot or by car, the port of reference is Piombino. From Piombino choose the port of Portoferraio as your destination, which is the main port of the island.

You can choose among Toremar, Blu Navy, Moby, and Corsica Ferries (this latter in summer only). We are a few minutes walk from the port but if you don't want to walk you can take a taxy just in front of the ferries or the shuttle to the center available every 10 minutes.


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